Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hot Shot - The Saddlebred

I have a beautiful horse in training named Hot Shot. He is a pinto Saddlebred that is incredibly talented. I think he is every bit as talented as Big B was, but has an even free'er shoulder. I have been riding him since January, trying to get him used to my way, my seat, my aids, my voice, relaxation, all the usual things you work on with a new horse. What's cool is my beautiful Duchess saddle fits him (the saddle I designed for Riding Couture, along with Borne' Saddlery), which was custom made for B, and also of which I haven't been able to use for two years now, ever since B's injury. Hot Shot's owner, Liz, just ordered him a beautiful new bridle with gold piping to match the saddle. Schooling shows start in May, and I can't wait to get back out on the "scene."

This week I've been schooling canter transitions, in and out of the walk. He is getting stronger and stronger.
Below is a pic of the beautiful boy.

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