Thursday, September 1, 2011

"THEE" Goat Mansion

As many of you know that follow WBF on Facebook, we have a new addition...Goats! Their names are Momma and Starla. Momma was purchased from a friend of a friend, and Starla was adopted from New Moon Goat Sanctuary. They make all kinds of noise and are such a blessing and sweet piece of cuteness to enjoy. The girls needed a house, so.... "Thee" goat mansion is underway. While not quite finished, it will have three stalls and a feed room. The plan is "Fancy"! I will keep posting pics as I move it along!

This is Momma! She is loud, pushy, and an escape artist. I can't do anything without her screaming at me. Now I know how my mom felt when we were growing up. And that is....Me. Am I looking buff or what?

And this is Starla. You should see how cute she is. Makes the sweetest little noises. I went in partners with my friend, Sandi. Starla is her goat. I told her I would get goats if, and only if, she got one too. I let her keep Starla on my property, but the trade off is she has to help me care for them. Always a business woman at heart... ;o)