Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mansion update

Well, the Goat Mansion is officially built! All I have left to do is add sawdust, hang buckets, hay racks and halter hooks, paint and decorate! Outdoor lanterns will be added, as well as artwork above each stall.

Below is a pic of the girls checking it out...cushy sawdust and straw will be added soon.

And then Penny arrived on the scene....

More updates are for sure to follow...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nothin' Like A John Deere!

We do everything in Grand Style at White Birch Farm. How else would you move thousands upon thousand of dollars of luxurious designer fabrics? With a John Deere of course!

Yep, this is how we roll around here!!!

Have a great day all!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Melonie, Chica, Lilly, Breda, Inca, Penny, Penny the kitten, Trooper, Slim and Curly.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Spirit

The farm is beautiful right now, with leaves dropping and turning colors. The grass turned green again after our three-week summer and drought (no, this is not a typo, we really had a three-week summer). I have a very good friend/mentor/very inspirational person living in my mother-in-law apartment, and she is fantastic at getting into the Halloween spirit with fabulous decorations. The beautiful wreath above is hanging on the tack room door. This is actually the second wreath...Momma and Starla (the goats) ate the first one. We found wreath droppings all over the barn aisle and finally figured out what was going on. Dang goats!

Hanging below the wreath you find our pumpkin patch. My friend's children, Thomas and Sara, carved this cool pumpkin today. I got in trouble when Slim hiked his leg on the wood pumpkin. Hey, what can I say, I train horses not dogs!

Here we find Thomas carving a pumpkin. Gosh he's cute, isn't he! He is the youngest man to ever have a crush on me.... :o)

Fence art....

And finally, this was my view today as I was getting on Inca....

Happy Fall Everybody!

Melonie, Slim, Trooper, Momma, Starla, Breda, Inca, Penny, Penny The Cat, Curly, Chica and Lilly.

P.S. I took all these pics with my Droid.....not bad, eh?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"THEE" Goat Mansion

As many of you know that follow WBF on Facebook, we have a new addition...Goats! Their names are Momma and Starla. Momma was purchased from a friend of a friend, and Starla was adopted from New Moon Goat Sanctuary. They make all kinds of noise and are such a blessing and sweet piece of cuteness to enjoy. The girls needed a house, so.... "Thee" goat mansion is underway. While not quite finished, it will have three stalls and a feed room. The plan is "Fancy"! I will keep posting pics as I move it along!

This is Momma! She is loud, pushy, and an escape artist. I can't do anything without her screaming at me. Now I know how my mom felt when we were growing up. And that is....Me. Am I looking buff or what?

And this is Starla. You should see how cute she is. Makes the sweetest little noises. I went in partners with my friend, Sandi. Starla is her goat. I told her I would get goats if, and only if, she got one too. I let her keep Starla on my property, but the trade off is she has to help me care for them. Always a business woman at heart... ;o)